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How Much Money Do I Need For Retirement?

The amount of money that you need to retire and the investments you choose to hold in your QROPS or SIPP will depend on your personal circumstances and objectives. QROPS and SIPPs both offer investors maximum flexibility when it comes to investment choice. There are a huge number of options available and unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all solution exists when it comes to planning your retirement.

This page is designed to provide readers with generic information about investments, risk and how to save for retirement, however you should always seek guidance from a properly qualified financial advisor to get specific information and advice based on you unique situation.

How much should I be saving
How much should I be saving?

As a general rule of thumb, if you aim to start drawing your pension at age 65, you should contribute ...


How should I invest my money?
How should I invest my money?

Many people with pension plans think the job is done once they have made their contributions ...


Investment Risk
Investment Risk

Investing involves risk. There are many different types of risk when investing; inflation risk ...


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Savings for Retirement

How much should you save for your retirement? What will happen to your money? How can you achieve your objectives?...


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