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QROPDirect is a straight-talking, one-stop resource centre for anyone seeking unbiased information about onshore and offshore pension schemes. QROPDirect was compiled by Global Investments International – www.globalinvestments.net

The aim of this site is to provide individuals who may be considering a QROPS, with essential information and resources they need to ensure that they understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of QROPS, so that they may make an informed decision.

The information on this site was gathered from financial service industry experts, pension trustees, life companies and tax specialists. Hopefully, readers will find it a positive step towards realising a more secure, fruitful, tax efficient and enjoyable retirement abroad.

“QROPDirect will explain what a QROPS is, outline the advantages and considerations, and hopefully help you find out whether or not a QROPS is right for you”.

On this website, our goal is to explain what a QROPS is, and outline the advantages and disadvantages of transferring your pension. We try to explain this is plain English, so readers can follow and understand the content herein.

Please be aware that the information that we have published is generic and that while we endeavour to keep up to date, rules and regulations concerning taxation and pensions is subject to regular changes, especially where multiple jurisdictions are involved. Therefore, we always recommend you seek advice from a properly qualified financial advisor to get specific information and advice based on you unique situation.

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